3 Of The Hottest Lingerie Trends Of 2022

Is there anything better than looking and feeling good in a hot lingerie set? Whether you're slipping on something sexy for an intimate date night or giving your assets a subtle boost under your work clothes, the right lingerie can be almost transformative. And we're not talking about the shape-changing magic of super-extra-pushup bras or booty padding — we're talking about an amazing internal transformation that makes you feel unstoppable.

Some people think that decent lingerie is only worth the investment if you're trying to impress someone. But what about impressing yourself? Even if you're single, feeling attractive in your skivvies can be a great boost to your self-confidence. "The idea of wearing nice or sexy lingerie for yourself can actually have a really positive effect on our emotional state," consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale tells HuffPost. "If you associate confidence, strength, attractiveness, or anything else with the specific lingerie, you will start feeling a bit more like that when you wear it."

In the recent past, this form of empowerment has manifested in various lingerie fads, from the ubiquitous bodysuit to hip-hugging boyshorts and fringey eyelash lace. But if you're looking for pieces to bring fresh excitement to your underwear drawer, these are the three hottest lingerie trends to master in 2022.

Innocent and girlish patterns

After a rough few years across the globe, many of us are yearning for things that are simple and soothing. Evidently, this also applies to our cultural preference for lingerie, as even the sexiest ensembles seem to be taking on an overtone of sweetness in 2022. As Susan Korn, co-founder of ultra-feminine lingerie line Rosette, tells Elle, this trend is driven by "hyper-sweet, innocent, gentle escapism. It strikes this chord of a really beautiful time in people's lives, hopefully." Fittingly, Rosette's pieces strongly feature fabrics adorned with mini-florals, simultaneously evoking the English countryside and the good ol' days of the 1990s.

With innocence as a selling point, it makes sense that StyleCaster shortlisted cottagecore as one of its underwear trends to watch this year. Cottagecore, a term that can be applied to fashion or interior decorating, is all about old-world romance (via Architectural Digest). When it comes to lingerie styling, this means girlish patterns and charming details like tiny bows and eyelet lace edging.

Cute meets comfortable

We endure a lot of discomfort in the name of fashion, but today's consumer isn't interested in painful undergarments. That's why, in 2022, we're seeing the pendulum swing toward lingerie styles that are cute but comfortable. Modern women want undies that are ready for all-day wear, and this trend is being celebrated with comfy, barely-there mesh and versatile, form-embracing bralettes that eschew an underwire.

"For the current season, we've seen a massive uplift in customers wanting natural fabrics, notably organic cotton," Georgia Larsen, founder of lingerie line Dora Larsen, tells Who What Wear. "People aren't willing to sacrifice comfort anymore and are specifically after styles that look good, flatter, and are in comfortable, natural fabrics."

This movement has led to the growing popularity of comfortable, fit-first brands like unisex favorite MeUndies, which claims "We exist to make you feel good," and ThirdLove, whose site boasts of "Bras designed for your body." It has also demanded better inclusivity for lingerie lovers of all sizes, allowing high-quality, plus-sized lingerie lines to gain a foothold in the market.

Vintage-inspired looks

They say that everything old is new again, and 2022's lingerie lineup proves the rule. Veering away from the skimpier-is-better mindset of the early noughties, current trends flaunt a more elegant sexiness with reimagined vintage looks. From high-waisted panties to antique-style lace, these modern styles have softened into something seductively feminine.

Just look at the resurgence of delicately embroidered undergarments, which are dominating iconic brands like Victoria's Secret. At the time of this writing, searching the Victoria's Secret catalog for embroidered lingerie presents an extensive 93 results. Even Forbes' 2022 pick for "Best Expensive Underwear for Women" — the Bergamote Embroidered Tulle Briefs from Eres — features detailed floral embroidery.

And let's not overlook the popularity of classic garter belts, which have resurfaced with a vengeance as vintage trends leap to the fore. Progressive and size-inclusive lingerie brand Adore Me, which debuted its first live runway show at 2022 New York Fashion Week, showed the growing power of these throwback trends in its lineup. Flirty, everyday underwear looks were interspersed with show-stopping corsets, dangling garter straps, and nostalgic silhouettes that evoked the romance and allure of eras gone by. So while fashion and lingerie styles surge ever forward, it's safe to say that savvy designers are keeping one eye on the past.