KENZO POP UP STORE will open during January 28th to February 3rd @Center Park of Shinjuku ISETAN 3rd floor!
I covered this event on the first day.
This terms theme is “Parisien”.
There were an uniform chic item and The Eiffel tower motif items also dot, stripes, and mix patterns.
I was glad to see them as I’m a French fan, I wide my eyes and have watched them.

I wanted to get this marine pants but I had to give up because of no my size.

These are must one for me yearn for Parisienne. They are marine buggy pants type which Birkin or Charlotte seemed to wear.


These bags design looked good for beach. Their neon color catch to eyes.

The same color espadrille is summer staple.


This sweatshirt is limited at POP UP STORE.

If you want it, please hurry up.

As to the limited item……here.


First debut in Japan “KENZO TIME”.

This is one of a watch series, this BLACK type is limited at Shinjuku ISETAN.

BLACK suit to everything and chick.

This is my best one of them.


Shunsuke. He was often updated my instagram.

I think some super fashion geek may appear my blog, he SHUNSUKE OKABE is a fashion editor and stylist.

Moreover he can speak English.

Please check him on as he actives in various ways.

We often attend a party together and were taken some snaps.


A collaboration party of 「LUNASOL」and 「WWD Beauty」 Introduction of an original smoothie. | SNAP WWD JAPAN.COM


Ms. Yoshiko Kris-Webb. She is the contracted model of 「VERY」.

She asked me to appear to a radio. Sometime I met her at a party. She takes care of me very much.

I love Keiko chan. She is a handsome person and there are cute girls around her.

We got a snap @ the opening party. This composite likes PRIKURA(instant photo).


From an expensive thing to a handy thing, KENZO World which worked of the edge opens.

How about going to visit it on the weekend?


Date:January 28th ~ February 3rd, 2015
Place:Center Park of Shinjuku ISETAN 3rd floor




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Cafe Story ~iPhone Photo Gallery.

Take a pic wiz  iPhone.

Correct them wiz iPhone.


These are my private pic by iPhone.




Outer : ENFOLD
Tops : ZARA
Necklace : TIFFANY T


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【Complete & Concept】 Thank you so much for half a year!

Hi, everyone♡
I’m matsu-you*, an ambassador of Complete and Concept!

There’s only 5days left2014.

I hope the coming year is a wonderful one for everyone.


Well, this blog is the last post as an ambassador of Complete & Concept since June though I’ve sent information from my blog mainly.
I had great experience for the period : visiting a CL shop, Tokyo runway or going for a trip.



Complete & Concept which I use it regularly can wash your CL and keep moisture. This is go-to for your eyes.

Please keep to use it from now.


Thank you so much for half a year♡

There is an information at last.


There are less than 5days for Complete & Concept×rich limited collaboration pouch present deadline which has started on Oct.
If you haven’t applied it, please hurry to a drug store or CL shop.

Please check a pink application seal with Complete or Concept.


For more information below.


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【Complete & Concept】 Last-minute Christmas!

Hi, everyone♡
I’m matsu-you*, an ambassador of Complete and Concept!

The streets are in full Christmas mode.

Illuminations and a Christmas tree are displayed in many places of Tokyo, the Christmas mood has been increasing rapidly.

I’ll share some illuminations I saw these days.

First of all, Blue illumination of Meguro river @Nakameguro.

They are so beautiful.

Meguro river is known as for pink cherry blossoms in spring.

I felt it would become popular as same as spring time.

Next, @Daikanyama Address.

It’s just a carriage decolation.

Cinderella may get off  from there♡

Here is a famous illumination @ Omotesando.

There are so many people every year.

Of course I took pictures.

When I saw something beautiful, shooting.

Illuminations decoration livens up every year and I feel happy with going along the neighborhood.

Finally Christmas’s coming this week.

I guess you go to Christmas parties with your family, friends or co-workers.

Roast chicken, cake, gift exchange♡ I am excited just to have thought.

You have to go to Christmas party after taking care of CL or Color CL. Otherwise you might not be able to enjoy the party because of dry eyes with heating.


I recommend you Complete & Concept.

Especially “double moist” can protect your CL from drying so it’s perfect for winter season.

Let’s go out after taking care of your CL with Complete double moist.
I guess Complete & Concept×rich limited collaboration pouch will help you at Christmas parties.

When you buy Complete or Concept, you can apply for it.

Please find it at a drug store or CL special store♡


There are less than 10days for a deadline.

Hurry up to a drug store!
For more detail, please visit below.


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matsu-you* back to the source



matsu-you* back to the source
I canceled a share interlock of SNS to make it easier to understand.

―about information

― Daily photo diary, selfie, party snap

― Information about my work, Information about blog upload, Share my interest article.
I’m going to write about above mainly.

I’ll enjoy sending you information  based on these 3 + blog. If you haven’t not follow me yet, please do it.



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【Complete & Concept】matsu-you* style eye makeup

Hi, everyone♡
I’m matsu-you*, an ambassador of Complete and Concept!
When I update a selfie on instagram, there are some comments there “Please let me know how to make up matsu-you* style!”.

So, I’d like to show you “matsu-you* style eye makeup” today♡


Before that!

Have you already entered Complete & Concept×rich limited collaboration pouch present?

When you buy Complete & Concept at a drug store or CL special store and apply for it, you can get the one by lottery!

Please check them at a store as you need a pink seal on a product for entry.

For more information, please check it out.

These are my cosmetics.

Unexpectedly is it a little numbers?

For natural, I made light makeup with them.

For a party, I made a heavy / flashy makeup.

I use almost same cosmetics for both situation.

First of all, Before makeup.

It a totally no makeup.

It’s a starting face with only skin care.
If you apply a medical & moisturized lip cream at this stage, can finish makeup with lip gross or lip stick.
In my case, I wear CL before makeup.

Please be careful not to put makeup into your eyes as CL would be dirty.

As it’s hard to wash out cosmetic put on CL with CL care products, be careful.

Especially for eye line, as you line inside the eye lash, it maybe attach CL.

When you remove your makeup, please put out CL at first.

If a makeup remover attach CL, it happens to hurt them.

My nerves were on edge from allergy so skin care is simple at all.

Spray water a little and apply “Egyptian Magic Cream Japan extra version “ a lot. And then apply sun screen over them.

At first, erase shadow under eye a great enemy to beautiful eye area.

Put “YSL RADIANT TOUCH No.2″ on a blemish area and eye area a little , spread them thinly and touch gently.

I don’t put a foundation as my skin is thin and it looks not beautiful in my case.

Then put a concealer thinly instead of a foundation.

I use it as a highlighter on smile lines or shadow and shed light by a lev board effect.

And then, put a baby power a little not to shine. It’s a substitute for powder.

【For makeup base】
・Johnson and Johnson : Baby powder

Eyebrow makeup for clear eyes.

I use only powder as there are a lot of eyebrow though they’re light

Key point is to use a brush same size as eyebrows.

Just swipe them with powder quickly.

That’s all.

It’s a time shortening makeup.

You use a certain amount of powder for a natural makeup and a lot or powder for a heavy makeup.

I make a light thick eyebrows with brown color  for natural finish because a dark black make it heavy.

As I use this brush for decades, it’s not released now. If I lost it, OMG!

It’s good for you to keep a brush suits to your eyebrows.


【For eyebrows 】
・Stila stila brush No.5
・SUSIE powder eyebrow expert 01

It’s finished on the left side.

First, spread a pale shadow on the upper right thinly all over eye whole with fingers.

I use my fingers for eye whole as I can adjust eye shadows little by little .


For under eye area, apply color a little with a thinner chip.

Next, apply a brown color on the left lower along double eyelids line.

FYI, this eye shadow is kind to skin and you can remove them with hot water.

【Eye shadow】
・CARDINALE Baked shiny eyes No. 02
From here, eye line to emphasize eyes.
At first, I’ll introduce my favorite cosmetics.

【For eye line】
・K-palette Real lasting eye liner 24h WP / Super black
・MAJOLICA MAJORUKA jeweling pencil  BK999


A brush type of K-palette can remove makeup with hot water.

I select a waterproof type pencil not to make PANDA eyes as using for an inline.

It’s finished on my right side.


As for my eye lines, I line  to downward direction a little not to up. It can make sweet eyes.


How to line.

At first, line  outer flame of eye line with a brush.


Just like them closely.

Then I fill inside little by little.

I try to line only 1/3 from the end of a black eye not an inner corner of eyes.

If I line all of eyes, double eyelids line disappears and looks them smaller as for my eye shape.

Be careful too much eye makeup!


It’s a little bit heavy make up this time with thin line under eyes about 1/3 from the corner of eyes.

I put inline with a pencil liner upper iris of the eye & both upper and down of inner corner.

Inline upper iris of the eye makes the iris of the eyes bigger.

Please put inline like filling a gap between eye lashes.


Done, eye line~!

In my opinion, I like a retro mood makeup regardless of the trendy like Ms. Mariko Kaga in the days of the teens. So investigated this like eye line with watching her movies.


Then, eyelash curler!

“Kyu, Kyu, Kyu. (tighten, tighten, tighten.)” as caring eyelashes finely.

Be careful not to tight too much.

If you use an eyelash curler not fit to your eye shape, you cannot catch eyelash.

As you find a perfect one, you can enjoy makeup more and more.



At first, use a thin brush mascara which can catch thin eyelash tightly. It’s Clinique’s one.

I don’t remember how many times I repeated it.

I keep it all the time as a stock. Masterpiece.

After put mascara both upper and down eyelash separately and neatly, put Jill Stuart’s mascara over them to make volume.

This mascara smells crystal floral bouquet. I’m fascinated with them with blink.

I recommend it as  MOTE cosmetics (attracted to you cosmetics)♡

Eyelash is important to make eyes beautiful.

Care for your eyelash  on a routine basis not to drop out of.

I care them to be extended.


【For eyelash】
・CLINIQUE   Lash power mascara long wearing formula  Black onyx
・Jill Stuart   Blooming blossom curl lash mascara  #01
・KAI eyelash curler  18R


Done eye makeup!

It’s a little bit heavy than usual as it for shooting and easy to watch.

My regular makeup is more natural.


Upper : After makeup

Down : Before makeup

How is it?
Does an impression change?


【For blush】
・Jill Stuart  ※It was discontinued.


It’s also a blush.

If your cheek looks down, it’s a cause of the older look.

Put your blush on higher position so you look more younger and lively.
Be careful too much color.


So, it’s completed~♡


I wonder if I show you matsu-you* style make up clearly?

My motto of a basic makeup is

“Makeup to suit to my face. Don’t follow a trend.”
I try to keep it in mind.


As  our face parts are different, please use these information as a reference and plus your makeup arrange constantly consult a mirror as you like.



Well as I introduced at the beginning, you can get a cute pouch which you want to bring with cosmetics by lot.


You can get a “Complete & Concept×rich” limited collaboration pouch by lottery.

For more information ↓

※This article is advertorial.


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matsu-you* 16th Anniversary on web!!!

16years ago, today.

I started a web magazine “chelucy” full of “independent fashion, beauty, culture, Kawaii and my favorite items” on November 22, 1998.

Today is the 16th memorial day♡


At the same time,  it’s 16th year since I started using the name called  “matsu-you*”

It’s matsu-you*’s 16th birthday. w

(Yuko Matsumaru is 36years old but matsu-you* is 16years old.w)

Art Director : Yuni Yoshida, Clothes : ANREALAGE

Everybody whom I supported so far.

The various world’s people who got to know recently.

My manager Mitchy and staff of the office who support me all the time.

All web brain have supported me for 16years.

16years ago…..well, even though 5years ago,  nobody pay notice to me as they called me “OTAKU(geek)!”.

I’m invited to various parties or exhibitions and called “fashionista”(I don’t think so myself at all) nowadays.

I feel very grateful in honor.

I’m extremely grateful for their invitation each time.

Thank you very much.



It is 21 years ago that I began a model.

I couldn’t imagine when I was 20years old that “Web” I started 16years ago as my hobby has brought me how wonderful life, encounter and work.


For these 16years…..I moved forward with pushing tall grass aside in a dark as there is no one in front at the same category all the time.
I’m so excited when I think what kind of new thing is waiting after pushing through the new grass in front of me.

There was no blog , SNS and smartphone 16years ago, right?

It was the times when I wrote HTML directly and made a site.w ←Do you understand what I said?

So, I have a policy to write my current feeling and gratitude for everyone on November 22, once a year.

I’m very happy to do that on my 16th years too.

I am grateful about this as well as it is thanks to everyone.

I think I may be inconvenient for you but I’d like to continue to devote myself everyday and share to make you happy “SHIAWA Share”.
Thank you for your cooperation for 17th matsu-you*.

November 22, 2014, matsu-you*



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I went to “MARNI” POP UP STORE @Shinjuku ISETAN which has just started today.

This POP UP STORE has bags and leather items.

It will be open for an only limited time until 25th.

They sell the new products as a presale; 2015 RESORT COLLECTION bags, leather items, new items with an iconic archive pattern “CANDLESTICK” seen at 2015 SS collection.

This is my favorite.

This is a clutch bag but it could be a handbag as there is a belt.

I became to want this lady chic “SCULPTURE”.

It’s of good quality.

You can customize this bow-tie necklace attached a pin.

I found a trunk shaped key chains.

When you buy something there during the period, you can choose a limited wrapping paper from 8types and get a wrapping service as a benefit.

<term of limitation> Nov 19th.(Wed)~25th(Tue)
<place> ISETAN Shinjuku store, main tower 1F “The stage”



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I went to 【Complete & Concept】eye city.

Hi, everyone♡
I’m matsu-you*, an ambassador of Complete and Concept!
Today I came to Shiki city of Saitama to buy some colored contact lens.

Here is  eye city @Marui Shiki store.

There are many CL and colored CL at the store.

I’d like to select my favorite colored CL.

There are various colors and styles so I’m wondering.

My hair color is black now but I wanted to try a beautiful blue colored CL when I had a blond hair.
Cause  blue  is my favorite color!

It’s hard not to choose green or grey one.

I chose a sepia brown CL to suit to my eye color this time.

If you change eye colors depends on a season, fashion or hair style, fashionable grade becomes up.

You need this item to keep clean the colored CL.

It’s the “Complete”.

Our eyes are easy to become dry because of a heating or drying of air during winter.

Please keep your CL or colored CL clean with the Complete.

Ms. Yokoyama (a staff or eye city @Marui Shiki store) teach me for successful selecting CL.


The successful point is

to understand why you use CL.
You would select CL, colored CL. hard CL depends on your utilization purpose.

Moreover it’s important for you to see an eye doctor to select the perfect CL.

At the last, Ms. Yokoyama chose me the best CL.

She recommended me a brown CL from my eye color and karma.

I’ve done a good select, right!?

I obtained endorsement from a professional.

We had a ceremonial photo with store staff who’d cared me to buy colored CL.

They cared me politely so I enjoyed shopping.

Thank you for your help♡

When you buy a new CL or Complete & Concept, please visit neighbor eye city!At the end, There are two information of campaign!
When you buy anything at eye city during Nov and apply the campaign, you can get 「Nestle  Nestle Espresso coffee makerー」,「The Funtail British lam wool blanket」or「JOURNAL STANDARD KLETTERWERKS back pack」 as a numbers of users NO.1 thanks campaign.

※TIMES-CURRENT, Inc.:By a result of field-survey the store people bought CL most recent one year in 「field-survey about the CL purchase shop (2014, May)」You can buy CL and get a goods to enjoy fashionable winter.
For more information, please check eye city’s special website!
◆eye city monthly campaign of Nov.

Additionally there is a campaign now! When you buy Complete & Concept at a drug store or CL special store, get a “Complete & Concept×rich” limited collaboration pouch by lottery!
For more information, please check the campaign website!


※This article is advertorial.


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【Complete & Concept】Let’s take a travel size in vacation!

Hi, everyone♡
I’m matsu-you*, an ambassador of AMO” complete and concept!
It’s already the last half of October. I had a late summer vacation and went to vacation to the Langkawi island in Malaysia. It was an Asian resort in a while! I was really looking forward to it. To the Langkawi island, change an airplane; the air travel of approximately approximately 11 hours.
I have many occasion to visit foreign countries on business not only in Japan. My handy item is the complete & concept’s travel bottle. During a flight it was dry so I need a care for throat and eyes to keep my eyes clean! I got the complete & concept’s travel size so I put off my color contacts and wore my glasses or sunnies. You can bring this complete & concept inside a in-flight size poach into an flight as it’s a travel size.  It’s important for me a jet setter “carry on”.


As to travel! There is a campaign you can get a cute poach for travel bottle! When you buy Complete & Concept and apply it, you can get a collaboration poach with “rich”.
Get the information below.↓

Thanks to Complete & Concept. There is no lens drying or sticking. I could be relaxed  at the time of transit.

FYI, there is the differences of a tap water quality abroad. So please make a natural dry a lens case after cleaning with Concept neatly.

As soon as arrived at Langkawi island, I put on my color contact lenses. Let’s Go! I feel so good with its moist.

I got a taxi from an airport to a hotel.
The hotel I choose this time is Casa Del Mar Hotel.

Anyway, I got very good word of mouth. A married couple one know recommended me and then got a ticket and booked a hotel for me.

This hotel got “Travelers choice award  2014″. Soooo wonderful.

Each room was  separated and has a garden. When you leave an entrance, on the BEACH!!!  Wow~! I really felt like it’s on my vacation.

This is a room I stayed at.

How wonderful is it?

I became hyper as I can feel on my vacation time with a large and beautiful room♡

So, some out from the door and let’s go to the beach!

A blue sky goes out of the break in the clouds. It was a moderate weather.

Immediately changed into a swim wear, Let’s VACATION♡

I love swimming in a sea so I’ve stayed on a beach and enjoy for 3days.

Just swimming , sleeping, playing or drinking!

I tried a jet ski first time though there is no photo.

My eyes may be tired because of sun and sea wind.

I’ve been aware of eyes care carefully with wearing sunnies.

Thank you Complete & Concept. I used them at night.

Well, after watching a beautiful sunset….

1st day dinner @「Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant」

I had got their good reputation from various places, so I visited there.

As to taste, It’s good for me. It was good but dynamic. A lobster was delicious.

On the 2nd day. It was raining during the morning. I kept sleeping until noon, got a brunch and then went to a Spa.

After soaking a food bath filled with resort like flowers, I got an oil massage for full body with a fever grass oil. Feel so good~♡

Coming back to a hotel, it became sunny! I enjoyed beach time a lot.

At night I went to  「The Cliff Restaurant & Bar」 my instagram follower let me know this restaurant.


It is on the sea. I felt so good. You can see a beautiful sunset from there. They were matsu-you*desired taste! I do recommend you this restaurant. Their BAR was also great.


Well, on the 3rd day!

Actually these 3days would be rain from a weather forecast.

“Shine for all days”.
I causes the weather to become sunny – Sunny girl. Clear-cut victory!


On the 3rd day, I went into a sea. VACATION!

I got this one piece at the shop stopped by last night. I can layer swim wear easily. I selected a pink contrast favorably with a blue sky.

I tried a parasailling first time too! The view was so beautiful as if I flied in the sky! I could enjoyed it even as acrophobia!! Surprise.

The last day dinner @ on the beach at a hotel.

I looked at the sea of Lankawi island  it’s becoming dark while watching sunset. It was awesome sunset.

After getting dark it was so romantic , you know?

As to this hotel, both breakfast and lunch was great but the best one is the beach restaurant. It was super! I thought I should have dinner here for 3days. Moreover the price is not so expensive. I really recommend it. If you’re looking for a restaurant, you should visit!

At that night, it was a beautiful full moon. It was an eclipse of moon in Tokyo.

I watched a full moon laying on the beach.

After dinner,I went to downtown to get souvenirs…..but mots of shops had already closed. It was too late. ONG. I came across a street live. Security is not poor and there are many happy people there. So it’s safety for woman unless alone.


I brought 2weeks color CL and Complete travel size for this journey. There are many burden for eyes because of sunshine, slipping into a sea, at the airplane etc….

For a skin care time at night, I put off CL and care for them with Complete neatly. It made my eyes keep clean.

On the 4th day!

I woke up early, got breakfast and then went to a airport.

Back to Japan.

It was also sunny day at the last day. I got nice weather whole days.

Let’s get back to Japan~.


FYI, I got “Sea cucumber soap” for my friends. These sea cucumber extract good for skin. It’s a local product. This label has a strong impact, isn’t it?

It was a private summer vacation but I could experience both these products and a duty of ambassador.
I do recommend a travel size Complete for color CL user ♡

※This article is advertorial.



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