G7 Ise-Shima summit 「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest awards ceremony~MetThe Prime Minister Abe.

I attended at『G7 Ise-Shima summit 「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest』  awards ceremony hold by The Cabinet Secretariat/The Cabinet Office @the office of the prime minister on March 24th.


It was my honor to be there as a judge of  the smart phone section.


The total applicants number is 17,104.

We all judges strictly selected winners from 5,061 photos.

As we enjoyed selecting photos imagining their photo shooting situation or “this picture might be taken by mom”.  and so on.


At he awards ceremony, the prime minister  Abe directly gave the award certificate to them who got the prime minister award and the best shoot award.

It was a rare opportunity.

The winners received their certification filled with joy and  tension.


I took a ceremonial photo with “best shoot award”(the best prize of a smart phone section) winners.

The photo is was wonderful; a mom shoot the moment that her kids had fallen asleep on a bus.

When I talked with her, she said it was one of her favorite photos. If she had not had a smart phone, she couldn’t took the shoot.

It’s a miracle and cute photo only because of a smart phone always belongs to us.




This old lady’s smile photo captured all judge’s hearts.

She and her grandson were at the ceremony. I was moved by looking at her. “Wow, it’s her!”

One of the judge Mr. Ueda said that “One of the pleasure of attending award ceremony is to meet photographers and their models.” I totally agree.

I took a ceremonial photo with her, the winner(her grand son) and judges together. They came from local region so they would enjoy sight seeing in Tokyo. I guess the winner could do his best grandchild duty!

He commented on my instagram. I’m looking forward to watching his uploading grand mom’s photo. It was a heartwarming meeting.



While I jury a smart phone section, there was a difference compared  to other sections; many winners works were human face. Smart phone caught the moment of models smile shoot, funny face shoot or sleeping shot to show their natural face. It’s because of smart phone we always belong.

One of our favorite photo is 3boys are performing  cold water ablutions by a fall with unexpressed funny expression. Their dad took the photo. The models were his son and his friends. I found he (his son) was there wearing a brand new school uniform. “Wow, it’s him!” I asked him to take a photo together. Thank you.



This contests supporter SKE48 was there.

They gave me their new released CD”Chicken LINE” with their autograph.

Idol is wonderful.

They were polite, mature, cool, fresh and cute.




The timing was right to say hello to the prime minister Abe even though he was super busy per minute. I took a ceremonial photo with him.(※This bear is Mr. Kogure as he cannot show his face on this blog)




It’s really rare to meet the prime minister. It was a precious experience for me.



This photo contest ‘s catch copy is “Capture the Best Japan”. Because of them we received so many “great photos of Japan”. As my job is involved in fashion, I had wanted to attend the ceremony wearing kimono. I put into my spirit to this ceremony. Well, Kimono is fantastic. Don’t you think so? I borrow this Kimono from “UMEYA” (Japanese young kimono designer). It’s really cute.




It was my first time to be judge. I got a wonderful experience.

All photos were fantastic. I felt “Evey photo includes heart. There is each stories of them.”

It was really tough to jury  but I enjoyed selecting photos with Professional judge Mr. Ueda and Mr. Kogure(he is my friend).

I’m not sure if I would get the opportunity like this again. If I could, I’d love to.

I appreciate for this wonderful experience and applicants photos.




This photo contest’s theme is “Capture the Best Japan”.

The total applicants number is 17,104.

Wonderful 140 photos are selected and exhibited on a special site.

Please looking forward to it.
G7 Isee-Sima summnit「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest


Don’t miss the web site!


・G7 Ise-Shima sumiit「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest official site
・G7 Ise-Shima summit「Capture the Beat Japan」photo contest awards ceremony / Office of Prime Minister
・G7 Ise-Shima summit「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest awards ceremony-March 24th, 2016(recorded documentary video picture)

Kimono・Styling  Modern Kimono accessories UMEYA  :Mari Umehara
Dressing kimono  HAGOROMO dressing kimono school :Miyuki Nakanishi
Head dress  Share Mizuhiki:Kasumi Ogiwara
Hair arrange:Yoko Nasu (SHIMA Harajuku LEAP store)


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【Blogger’s Tote】technique for protecting personal belongings jumping out

The project which casts maniac consumer’s ideas into shape 「SUPER CONSUMER」.

It’s past about 3years since its released.

Thanks to you 「Blogger’s Tote」It is loved as a long seller. 

A collaboration color BLACK was released. (corroborated with a magazine 「sweet」) last year.


As many people wrote the Blogger’s tote’s review. I myself haven’t done yet(:-D

I use it naturally and upload my real life wiz it so I didn’t do anything. Thank you for all wrote reviews! I’m really happy to your reviews as I feel like this tote is my kid.
・Regular user’s review / NAVER


FYI, Here is my personal belongings of a tote.



I attach a big pocket which can hold my favorite PC case instead of cushion. My personal belongings don’t jump out of it because of  a brace.

The reason why I want user to use this tote for multiple uses as a moms bag, an editor’s bag, belonging to a short trip or you can use it without PC! Actually the tote should have had cushion itself…



You can put anything like a magazine into this tote!

Please put on a floor, a road or a sand beach freely as you can remove stains by wet cloth. And then put anything into it. It’s upgraded; its inside is changed to pink to be clear, carabiner to keep a key becomes longer.

A drink holder can keep a beverage cool and protect other staff from its water dropping in summer. In rainy season, You can keep a collapsible umbrella there.

I didn’t want to attach a zipper on this tote because of the meaning of a tote bag and my taste. But we hear some reviews “The personal belongings jumps out!!!!!!”……I’m so sorry.


In fact, I protect personal belongings from jumping out by this technique. It’s too late to let you know as I did it over 3years. Anyone uses the same technique? I’ll show you hot to do that today for the first time!


【1】First, fasten the magnetic buttons inside. If you can’t do that, it’s OK!


【2】Next, cross the hold belts. (↑)


【3】Like tying…


【4】Bind them tight


【5】Open the one side 「loop」…


【6】Put a belt in to the 「loop」.


【7】Like this. Then pull them tightly.


【8】it’s like this after that.  It becomes not easy for personal belongings to jump out.




I use this technique when I ride a plane or a bullet train as I worry the top opening. I’m a traveling person so I can’t do it without this tote.


It can be hold with Remowa’s 86l type suits case (Salsa)  handle. It’s easy fro traveling.

I felt a black tote’s belt is harder than a grey one a little. Time goes by it becomes soft naturally.

If you have same experience (jumping out!), please try it.



Blogger’s tote / for more details HERE


Actually the 2nd matsu-you* project has just released by SUPER CONSUMER today!

「Small size bag with a large capacity?!」


Please be looking forward to the process of creating until the release day!

I guess “I made this bag as I really wanted!” this time too.
・SUPER CONSUMER / Official Site



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Took up the judge of G7 Ise-Shima summit 「Capture the Best Japan」photo contest smart phone section.

I took up the judge of 『G7 Ise-Shima summit 「Capture the Best Japan」Photo contest』smart phone section  presented by The Cabinet Secretariat/The Cabinet Office.



The applicant just attach pictures with the form of a smart phone section.

The application method is really simple.

Because of an instagram boom, your smart phone pic folders are filled with photos, I guess. Why don’t you applying this contest with your” best” photos? You can send us your photos as much as you want.


If I applied this contest, I select a beautiful product of Made in JAPAN.

I guess everyone can take photos well more than I so I’d like to express Made in JAPAN beautiful fashion(both brand and design) or beauty photos to the world.

I’d like to let the world the latest boom except a foreigner’s explosive shopping spree. I want to take a photo like “let’s make a new explosive shopping spree!”




We hold a photo contest that features the theme “Capture the Best Japan” to spread Japanese beauty like local charm, culture and nature to the world at this opportunity when attention gathers in Japan as we hold a summit here in Japan. We give you The President Minister Prize to the best work. We wait for the application of all of you.


I’d like to let the people of various countries know  “There are many wonderful things more and more.”.


We are looking forward to your application.


・G7 Ise-Shima summit 「Capture the Best Japan」 photo contest


Official site


I was invited to 「PARKER」 release exhibition @ Shangri-la hotel Tokyo. PARKER renewal-ed to a premium brand this time. Thank you for inviting me.


PARKER has developed hand-in-hand with their writers. It is said that an author Arthar Conan Doyle used their fountain pen.


I had rare opportunity to “write letters with  a fountain pen”. I had a try to write something on a greeting card with PARKER’s pen. I felt like to be a literary legend such a  smooth writing.

I felt like we felt tense and our love would become accomplished writing a love letter with PARKER’s pen.



Nowadays, I write a sentence with a smart phone or PC. Writing with a luxury pen is good to organize my thoughts. Writing many words smoothly in abandon, Organizing them. I feel like to be able to discover something and get new idea.


As I got PARKER’s pen, I’d like to use it. This is my Christmas message to you.


A fountain pen itself is luxury and gentleman-like.  It’s suit to Christmas present for men, I think. I recommend it  to you looking for a present for men.


Thank you for inviting me the event today.



※This article is advertorial。#matsu-you*PR




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matsu-you* 17th Anniversary on web!!!

November 22, 1998.


I’ve started a web magazine named  “chelucy~magazine style HP!”.

It was 17years ago.

Chelucy was a web magazine  fi8lled up with “my own fashion, beauty, culture, kawaii things and my favorite”.

Today is the 17th memorial day!



・chelucy~magazine style HP! / ※The 3rd design
↑I designed it with tag little by little.



I’ve started to identify myself as Matsu-you*  so it means today is “matsu-you*”‘s birthday too.

Congratulations on 17th birthday, matsu-you*!
from Yuko Matsumaru (37years old:-D).


Each year, I’ve decided to write a blog on this day to show my appreciation for my supportive fans, staffs and friends.

I haven’t wrote my blog so much these days.

During the last 1year, I had a lot of new experiences.



Though I’ve mentioned about it on my 16th anniversary’s blog, there are few chic fashion web site for girls 17years ago.

Nowadays, the word “influencer”( it shows influential person on web) appeared.

People used to say “The person writes a blog is OTAKU (Geek), don’t you think so?”:-D

I created and operated any services. I understand their reaction.



Even though, there were so many people who support me and chelucy and check my blog.

They did love Kawaii things(items) and were pure.

Moreover, I’m so glad and appreciate that there are many supportive fans still now.

I’m really happy to be able to grow up with them who love Kawaii things(items) together little by little.



Considering the record of the past year, there are much more company PR by web promotion or SNS than a printed version.

For this reason, I was invited to some luxury brand’s party, got some work from overseas and attended some movies or modeled like my model period…..I could do a lot of things that I had wanted to do.  I think it was a fulfilling year.

I never dreamed I can get such fantastic work at 37years old.

To be honest, you might be surprised at my age, right?

As there is 22years my model career, I’m really realizing  it helps me a lot.

I feel I did well to keep model in my career!



It’s all because of you support me, you gave me job offers, manager & office staff support me all the time, all my friends who be with me even though I’m down…..thanks to all!

Please let me show my appreciation for you.



I may bother you, I guess. Perhaps I’ve already caused you some trouble.  I do devote myself day by day and I’d like to share happiness “Happy share” with you .





By the way, there is a memorable story.

It’s a story of the time BLOG has come to Japan.

One day, I went to a home party there were geek gentlemen who become major people of web society now.

We talked “It’s interesting the time comes in the future that “web entertainment society” appears, the people of the society become famous not same as  talent and when they do something, variety shows come, right?”

We have talked such a thing when Web itself has not been recognized generally yet.

I think an influencer  suits to that in  today’s environment.


I still remember those gentlemen’s comment

“When the time comes, matsu-you* ;keeps transmitting information from the early web period; becomes older so you should be Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi of web society as she’s stayed active from the early TV period! You should follow in her step.”

I’d like to work hard to keep my job like Tetsuko san.

Go for it! Ms. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi of web society!


I cannot see many people because of my busy days.

I appreciate for your kind support to 18th matsu-you*.



Nov 22nd, 2015, matsu-you*




I started to put # to let you know my work, PR article or received items etc… @SNS too though I’ve already mentioned PR article on my blog. It’s #matus-you* PR. As I received many items on my work, I’d like to introduce good stuff not everything I got.  I’d like to show my thought as  a measure of Stealth Marketing. It’s a shame to give  staff/company bad image by the way of showing, right?

Thank you for your understanding!
※Please read more explanation here.



Official site


【FNO】American Eagle Fashion show~broadcast an event live exclusively! by matsu-you*

A shopping event sponsered by 「VOGUE」 “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT 2015 ※abbr,:FNO” will be held on September 12th (Sat), 2015.


In Tokyo, mainly each shops of Omotesando, Aoyama, Harajyuku become a main force. They hold various events. matsu-you* is going to join them.





On that day, USA famous jeans brand  「American Eagle」 will put on a fashion show 「AEO LIVE YOUR LIFE COLLECTION」  at the stairsteps of TOKYU PLAZA OMOTESANDO HARAJUKU entrance.

matsu-you* broadcast an event live exclusively this show by Periscope!

as special guests of the show

These people will appear as a model

Ms. Nicole Ishii, Ms. Hana Imai, Ms. Nonoka Ono, Ms. MOnika Sahara, Ms. Juliana Minato, JOY, Mr. Masakiyo Maezono, Mr. Dyki Miyagi and a professional act group HIDALI (they have charge of performance and act).
Moreover, commons applied for American Eagle campaign will appear on runway as a model.

American Eagle started business on 1977 so the number of all models are 77.

All 77models will appear on runway wearing denim definitely.



And then…


I matsu-you* is going to join this fashion show as one of these 77models.

Also I will periscope as walking on runway.

I’d like to share a feeling of model to viewers.
I’ll get bashful so much.
I’m not a show model. It’s since  a high school days.


On that day, only media interview will be accepted and commons can’t come in there. Instead of that, matsu-you* will broad cast this event live by Periscope. You can watch the show instantaneously.


American Eagle is famous as an America’s favorite jeans brand.

You can watch77 great individually denim coordinates.

Please refer to A/W fashion.


The show will start at 18:30 and it takes 15mins.

If you follow matsu-you* by Periscope, you’ll be notified by push notification when the show starts.

At the beginning of the show, Twitter notice that by tweet so you can watch it by PC browser.


How about shopping after watching the show by Periscope from your smart phone if you find your favorite items on that day?

American Eagle is cost-effective and their fabric is comfortable. I’d love to let everybody know them on this occasion.

My recommendation is a boots-cut denim. And a soft material T-shirt. My manager wears it. There are wide variety of size for men.




Please check matsu-you*’s Periscope on September 12th (Sat) from 18:30.


If you don’t understand Periscope, please read a digital book Mr. Masato Kogure and matsu-you* collective writing 「enjoy now!  Periscope 」.





Official site


matsu-you* was assigned to be SEIBU/SOGO special navigator~「@his closet」photo contest in session!

matsu-you* appears at SEIBU/SOGO autumun fashion campaign special site as a special navigator.




You can watch my ordinary clothes with my styling and shooting.

And also I was in a very cute movie.




Though a fashion trend is casually comfortable /relax mood, this autumn trend  to attract  attention is mannish style like a  sleeveless item ,wide bottoms and  loose big silhouette.


SEBU/SOGO named the style that enhanced cool as well as femininity “NEO MANNISH (neo-mannish)” by adopting a mannish style.

They hold 「@his closet」 photo contest which we post our coordinate pics too.


As you feel like “I borrow items from my BF’s closet”, try to wear a gilet, felt-hat and mannish taste shoes. Then you can apply for this contest  through  instagram or Twitter with a hashtag 「#his_closet」 until September 7th (Mon).




I used to be CM model for a long time after a magazine model for 1year.

It was really happy for me to join a fashion movie.

I love this year’s trend “border-less fashion” personally so I enjoyed this work since the fitting clothes.


「@his closet」 I proposed this time is the style

“share clothes with your partner”.



hang up women’s clothes like a one-piece and dress from left and then do men’s clothes like a suits and shirt from right. At the middle both we can wear whichever we want. we share our clothes. This is the closet style.


We often see a man waiting for his GF’s shopping. I thought that if we could select clothes we would share, a date would be more fun? Actually I organize my closet like this.


Please enjoy an autumn fashion with MANNISH style like popping up from your BF’s closet.



【How to apply for a photo contest 「@his closet」 】
(1)Check this autumn styling on SEIBU/SOGO autumn cosmetic & beauty festival special site!

(2)Take a photo your own coordinating with Gilet/Felt-hat/Mannish taste shoes.

(3)Follow this photo contest official account.
instagram「his_closetss」/ Twitter「@his_closetSS」

(4)Post your photos with #his_closet hashtag through SNS


term : August 11th (Tue)~September 7th (Mon)
prize-giving: These photos will be posted on this special site during a session.
These photos matsu-you *selected (20) will be appeared at ELLE Japon December issue(SEIBU/SOGO report page).


The campaign site:



※This article is advertorial.


Official site

Took up the position of an official reporter with periscope!~”Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S”

「Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S」will be held from October 12th (Mon/ National holiday) to 18th(Sun).

I matsu-you* took up the position of an official reporter with Periscope.


As I’m an ambassador of Periscope(on my own), this is a very thrilling project.

The prerelease announced today is  below.

It was March 11th in 2011 that I joined Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO (popular name:To-kore) first time. Right after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

I become to watch these wonderful shows each time but “Fashion week” may not be familiar with everyone still now.

When I translate Periscope literally in Japanese, it means “Senboukyo”.

In aspect of “experience something to see the thing which we have not usually watched”, I think this is the best APP for people don’t know fashion week to experience and become interested in that.


There are many people dream of

“Watch a fashion week in “front row” .”

This time, I proposed this plan because I want everyone to experience “Watch a fashion week in “front row” .”with Periscope. And then…..it became a reality!

Thank you so much.

Don’t you think it’s interesting to experience sitting in a front row sensation, though a high quality live report by internet is also great?

Let’s experience of the show with periscope instead of your eyes!
Please check matsu-you*’s Periscope from October 12th (Mon/ National holiday) to 18th(Sun).
You can watch Periscope by iOS , Android and PC browser.

Please download it and search “matsu-you*” or follow matsu-you*’s Twitter account in advance.


I’m looking forward to October.

・Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2016 S/S / Official Site
・Periscope / Official Site

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“Tendence” limitation shop is open in Isetan Shinjuku store!

From today August 5th (WED) to 11th (TUE), served as an ambassador SWIZERLAND fashion watch「Tendence」 opens “Tendence ISETAN Special SHOP”  at the 1st floor of ISETAN Shinjyuku store.


I went to an interview at once!

Well, the first remarkable item!

They are accepting a pre-order 「GLAM47mm」 type4 which is planning to be released on September 20th (SUN) in ISETAN Shinjuku store.

I guess ladies like this baby pink color.


The second remarkable item!

The limited collection  「Gulliver DX」  is also being accepted a pre-order!

Both they are limited to 30.

A big wall hanging 「Tendence」 was sold~.

「GULLIVER RAINBOW」 appeared in my Photo STORY was also sold there. You have chance to try to wear and find the best match one as there are various kinds of watches there.


From end to end  GULLIVER!!! A sight to see.



There were many 「CRAZY」. They are pop and cute.

When you buy or make a reservation these per-sale or per-order items at “Tendence ISETAN special SHOP”, you can get Tendence BAG as a novelty.


If you buy any other items, you can get Tendence original pen!



Please check  Tendence watch when you visit Shinjuku.

ISETAN Shinjuku store, 1F of main tower = women’s goods/watch
Add:〒160-0022 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo





※This article is advertorial.


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matsu-you*’s 37th birthday!!

On August 4, I became 37 years old.

I’m grateful for my mother to give birth to me in hard labor such a hottest summer time.

Thank you so much, mom!


The entertainment career is 22years and web career is 17years.

Though I thought I just became older, I can master my previous work surely。I feel I can make use of the experiences of them. I really think “Wow, I feel fortunate that I could get that job!”.

I got acquainted many people from old times.  Thank you for your assistance and teaching for a long time.


Nowadays I got works as a model much more than before. It’s a back to a source.

I’ve been thinking “I want to model again.” but I haven’t done these days.

Fortunately I got many chances to do in June. I enjoy them with recalling my 20′s.
I’ve tried various things so I may release them one another after the mid- August.

Please looking forward to the wide variety of information.



At the end, I really appreciate for all of your support for a long time!

I read all comment and message. They make me feel encouraged a lot. Sometime I cry happily :-)

I’d like to share happiness to all of you as becoming  older and trying various things.


“matsu-you* is matsu-you*”

With this theme, I go my own way without being spread in the times and the fashion.

I appreciate your kind of continued support for 37years matsu-you*.


August 4th, 2015.


This is the latest profile photo.

My favorite photographer Ms. Akiko Isobe’s shooting.





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